Once again, the monster of bigotry, hatred and ignorance has raised its ugly head. Once again, someone must speak out to defend the rights of all people — the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I refer to the letter by Elaine B. Graham as presented in the newspaper’s Readers’ Opinion section of Sept. 29.

As an implacable advocate of the First Amendment, I accept Graham’s right to express her opinion no matter how loathsome, reprehensible and misguided it may be to any thinking individual.

However, personal relationships and choices between mature, consenting adults and their right to respect and recognition should be a completely nonissue, especially in a world fraught with real concerns on which we might better focus our attention.

Further, I find it pathetic that, in this so-called information age, anyone would expose their ignorance and bigotry by suggesting that the monstrosity of “Judeo Christian moral truths” reflect the highest ideals of recorded history.

Ash Gilmore


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