Throughout our lives, we will encounter all types of people. However, the people I have the hardest time to stomach are the ones who will use someone for their own selfish gains and then discard them like a soiled piece of toilet tissue.

They go through life lying, cheating, stealing and scamming. They are masters at deception. They will appear to be sweet and innocent; but much like the holly at Christmas, they may be pretty, but in reality, they are pure poison.

What makes them do the things they do? From what I have seen, their actions are well planned, selfish and usually financially based. The only job they have is trying to figure out ways to scam unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned money.

They may even go as far as to marry someone to further their twisted game of deception. Much like a spider, once they have sucked their prey dry, both financially and emotionally, and all that is left behind is a hollowed-out shell of a person, they move on to their next unsuspecting prey.

As for the carnage they leave behind, it is up to the people who truly care about the victim to fill the empty shell with love and understanding.

For those who believe in karma, after the once-pretty holly is old, withered, and cast out, they will find themselves alone.

George Speck Jr.


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