I will vote “no” on Question 1.

Same-day registering puts undue demands on the people responsible for making sure everything is done right and according to the law.

A person has about 250 days to go to the town or city clerk and register. There is nothing unreasonable about that.

If a clerk suspects the person is not a citizen in the community, the new law gives her three days to check it out. On election day, when a voter steps into the booth, there is no way to take that “unknown” vote back.

Making the deadline the Thursday before election day does not discriminate, either, as it applies to Republicans, Democrats and unenrolled voters.

As to the argument of a person just arriving in the town or state, I say they are most likely not informed about the local issues and candidates and are registered somewhere else where they could vote by absentee ballot.

Vote “no” on Question 1.

Terry Tiner


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