Recently, I’ve been reading about minors from the areas colleges getting arrested for underage drinking at 18-20 years old. Then I read about a man, 18, who was arrested for stealing a car.

Why is it that if you steal a car at 18, you’re a man, but if you want a beer at 20, you’re a minor?

At 18, you can decide to join the armed service, get a big gun, travel the globe and go to war. The government says that you’re old enough to be killed or maimed, kill other people and watch your friends die.

But, God help you if you want a beer when you get home. You’re a minor.

If you want to gamble at 18, you can buy all of the scratch tickets, Megabucks, Powerball, etc. that you want. You’re an adult.

If you want a glass of wine — sorry, you’re a minor.

You can do anything you want to do after you’re 18 — except drink alcohol.

I think this is the biggest double standard perpetrated by the United States government. And, I think that anyone who is 18, or close to 18 and older should ask our government why. And then start voting according to their answers.

It just makes me boil! Either they are kids until they are 21 or they are not. Folks should make up their minds.

And, just to let you know, I’m over 50, not a minor.

Laurie Kivlin


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