In the aftermath of the battle about the town’s Public Works Department, Readfield is now hiring a maintenance foreman.

The person will be responsible for general maintenance and janitorial duties for all town buildings and grounds; performing minor highway maintenance; winter plowing of parking lots and hydrants; and other duties as directed by the town manager.

Part of the job involves basic road, building and property maintenance duties, such as reviewing conditions of town roads on regular basis; patching potholes with cold mix, and other minor road and shoulder repairs; cutting and removing roadside brush; installing and replacing road signs; and other duties.

This position is described as full time, hired and supervised by the town manager, with salary to be negotiated.

AUGUSTA: Nichols for your thoughts
Augusta native Rachel Nichols graces the cover of the August issue of Maxim magazine as part of the promotion for her new movie, “Conan the Barbarian.” 
The 31-year-old doesn’t disappoint readers of the magazine aimed solely at a male audience. She offers up a sexy swimsuit-laden spread while chatting about topics such as foods she loves.
(For the record, she likes sweetbreads … “Glands are fantastic. Who wouldn’t like some glands for dinner?”)
Nichols also reveals herself as a hobby blogger.
“I blogged about pimping my ride,” she told the magazine. “I don’t have spinners, but my wheels are pretty dope.”
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FARMINGDALE: Buoys will be buoys
The harbormaster reports the U.S. Coast Guard has replaced red and green marker buoys in the Kennebec River between Farmingdale and Augusta.
Buoy 47B — actually a green can just north of Foggy Bottom Marina — had moved about 500 yards south but looked stationary, so inexperienced boaters were running into the rocks, Harbormaster Dan Alexander reported on the town website.
“No personal injuries, but expensive motor repairs, I’m sure,” Alexander writes. “Lesson — take nothing for granted when on the Kennebec. Buoys north of Gardiner will be gone from the middle of October till spring. Big barge at Brown’s island trying to finish new tower before ice. Have a great winter.”

FAYETTE: Capital ideas
The Fayette Fire Department is actively seeking money to buy a new firetruck to replace two trucks, and has submitted an Assistance to Firefighters Grant application to help in the partial funding of a new tanker.
The truck will carry and pump water and replace a 1984 model that cannot pump water or refill itself; it requires another truck to refill.
Another truck is out of service because of a broken axle and the lack of required operator safety features.
Officials in town say the federal grant would allow the town to replace two trucks with one next year. If the grant is not approved, the town may have to look at buying one with town money.

On Sunday, Oct. 30, the town will hold a children’s Halloween party from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Community Center.

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