I have learned about the importance of strong and effective leadership in the public sector.

That is why I have decided to support and to vote on Nov. 8 for Jeffrey Bilodeau for the councilor at-large seat held by Edward Coffin.

Bilodeau is a 1986 Cony High School graduate, has a bachelor’s degree from Thomas College and a master of science degree in computer technology from Thomas.

An Augusta native, Bilodeau who came back from military service, including time in Afghanistan, to raise a family and to be involved in his community. He is one of our brightest and best.

Bilodeau has an impressive and exemplary service record with knowledge and expertise in financial matters and he has demonstrated his ability to make sound and important decisions when it counts.

Finally, he is an accomplished leader who will bring a larger vision, competence and core values, to the city.

Mary D. Mayo-Wescott

Former Augusta City Councilor


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