It was with dismay that I read about the Winthrop Hot Meals program apparently meeting its demise.

I am disgusted that the program has basically been kicked out of St. Francis’ Church Hall. The fine people of Winthrop have been living the Christian way of life. They have been helping their neighbors without question.

That is what we Christians are about. We volunteer our time and talents whenever we can.

Since when does a group of volunteers need a board? You step up and do whatever is needed (and the people of Winthrop are proof of that) whenever it is needed.

I hope the people of Winthrop are able to find a new home for this program without the hassle of Big Brother breathing down on them.

Kudos to Craig Hickman for stepping up and helping his fellow people.

Why don’t the clergy do what they’ve been ordained to do and let volunteerism continue the way it’s been for generations?

Thank you great people of Winthrop for all you’ve done for those in need.

Rose A. Johnson


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