It does not surprise me that there was a fatality on Town House Road in Vienna recently.

When Pond Road ends and Town House Road begins, 95 percent of drivers drive as if they have reached the Indianapolis Speedway. The speed limit is 45, but I do not believe I have ever seen any vehicle goes that slow.

I offered to let police stay in our driveway and catch speeders. I felt in one day they could get enough money from the tickets they gave out to help many people with their fuel bills. It was not to be.

I then tried to have a speed bump put in on the straightaway. This was not to be.

Once I was getting my mail, three of the huge green garbage trucks came speeding by spaced about 2 feet apart. They were going so fast their backdraft would have sent me to the ground had I not been holding onto my mailbox.

I know speed kills, and I know there are many accidents on Town House Road. Whenever I need to assure myself, I have only to walk outside where my two twin kitties are buried. They were both hit and killed by a speeder. Someone should care, but nobody does.

Ann Vanderoef


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