During the presidential campaign of 2008, Americans of many political persuasions became enamored with the idea of electing an African-American to office and thereby showing the world that we were not biased. Words like “change” and “hope” were bandied about, and we capitalized on a real hope that change would occur, piloted by a leader who knew the correct course.

With great hue and cry, we congratulated ourselves on the election of a relatively unknown and inexperienced black man and, though we didn’t know him or his core beliefs, we hoped he would lead us to change we could support.

And change we have.

As each month ticks by, we are somewhat less than what we used to be: less prosperity, less opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses, less opportunities to earn a living, and less freedom from want and fear for our future.

But we do have more: more debt, more intrusive government, more regulations and more costs on all of us.

We need fewer excuses from Barack Obama that it is still George W. Bush’s and the Republican’s fault, and more leadership.

But we know him now and what he stands for: More spending we cannot afford, more borrowing from the Chinese, more regulations, more taxes on the job creators and more divisive “class warfare.” Can we re-elect this president who has failed his on-the-job training and continues the blame game to cover his lack of leadership and results?

President Obama believes he looks presidential and wants to appear to be doing something by traveling on the taxpayer’s dime and apologizing. He would be better served to offer his apology to the American people for his poor performance, rather than to the Japanese and Arab nations for actions of the past.

Greg Theriault


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