Vote yes on Question 1 to allow same-day voter registration.

Every eligible person should vote on every election day, so we should avoid any barriers that might keep people from registering and voting.

Young people should register to vote as soon as they reach voting age. Some people may need to re-register because they have moved, either from one municipality to another or to a different location in the same municipality. By allowing voters to register on election day, we eliminate an unnecessary hurdle to participation.

In most cases, it is also easier and more efficient for the municipal registrar, who has many other things to do to get ready for voting day. She has help on election day.

Before making my decision on this question, I asked my town clerk and registrar if same-day registration caused her and her staff any problems. She quickly told me that it does not. She also said precautions are built into the system to make sure that every vote is legitimate.

I gathered more than 300 petition signatures for this question. Most people were eager to sign and needed very little explanation about the issue. After I answered questions, very few refused to sign.

We should make every effort to help eligible voters be heard at the ballot box. Maine has allowed voter registration on election day for 38 years without any significant problems. There is no good reason to change now.

Vote yes on 1.

Elery Keene


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