A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Dead River gas station on Maine Avenue in Farmingdale to fuel up my vehicle. I used the alternate route to get there.

I was surprised to see traffic backed up to the VIP store. The traffic coming the other way was just as bad.

I don’t understand why people going from Gardiner to Augusta or Augusta to Gardine, or across the bridge to Randolph, don’t use the alternate routes. They sit in traffic and waste time and gas.

A woman wrote about the banging tailgates of trucks at night. If people would use the alternate routes and not tie up the trucks in lines of traffic, the job would get done quicker. Look how quickly the interstate got done when they closed it to traffic.

People still can support business on Maine Avenue by just driving around the construction.

Help them get the construction done quicker.

George A. Dawbin Jr.

West Gardiner

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