I hope the voters of Maine will reject the bill the Legislature passed last year to disallow voters to register on Election Day.

I do not understand why this administration would want to change a law that has worked for so many years and has made Maine one of the states that always has the highest percentage of voters casting votes in the nation.

I would hate to think that the Republicans in power are doing this so that fewer Democrats get a chance to vote.

Last year they helped fight obesity by giving us the whoopie pie as the state dessert and went after imaginary voter fraud. Maybe this year we will get gummy bears as the state fruit or frosted corn flakes as the state vegetable.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this year, when they gather together again, they might consider taking up such issues as the need for jobs, attacking poverty, and providing affordable medical care for all, and leave the pettiness to the TV sitcoms. I sincerely hope that instead of making life sweeter for a few Mainers, they will govern for all of us.

Joan Moes

New Portland

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