On a recent Friday, I was at the light on Elm Street waiting for a green so I could cross the intersection at Post Office Square.

When our light turned green, there were three cars across the intersection heading to Main Street. They obviously went through their red light, as there is a delay there. My point is, with two lanes going down lower Main Street, why were they all in the left lane and why, when they knew they were holding up traffic, did they not go into the right lane, so people who had already waited through the three lights on Elm Street could go on their way?

Do they not know how to get back into the other lane once they get out? And the car that I came close to hitting was being driven by a male. He was moving, so I slowly started out but then he came to a complete stop directly in front of me; he could have crossed into the right hand lane and there would have been no problems. It seems to me, if you have to go through a red light, getting out of others’ ways would be the primary option.

It’s dangerous enough to drive downtown with drivers on the phone and texting, they could at least follow the laws and be smarter when behind the wheel. Drivers: It’s okay to get in the other lane, you can always get back to where you want to be when it’s less dangerous.

Nancy Shaw


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