WATERVILLE — City councilors are split 4-3 on their choice for mayor, with the majority endorsing Karen Heck over Dana Sennett.

None of the city councilors — all Democrats — contacted this week said they endorse Andrew Roy, the Republican candidate.

“I’m endorsing Dana,” Council Chairman Charles Stubbert, Jr., D-Ward 1, said of Sennett, a Democrat. “I like Karen; I think Karen’s got some good ideas, but Dana’s got the experience and has been involved in city politics for a long time and that gives him the edge over Karen. I think Karen’s got some great ideas and I do hope Karen stays involved if she doesn’t win.”

Councilor George Myers, Jr., D-Ward 2, said he endorses Heck, who is unenrolled.

“I enjoy working with Dana and he’s a great guy but Karen has my vote,” Myers said. “I think that she’s better able to articulate a big vision for the city and to bring together all kinds of shareholders to help the city move forward.”

Councilor Rosemary J. Winslow, D-Ward 3, also supports Heck.

“We have two good candidates for the mayoral seat but I sense that the city of Waterville needs a breath of fresh air,” Winslow said. “I will be supporting Karen Heck as the right person to invigorate us and she certainly is a strong spokesperson for the greater community. She has considerable experience, a great record of service and has made a difference.”

Councilor Erik Thomas, D-Ward 4, also favors Heck.

“I’m endorsing Karen,” Thomas said Thursday. “Essentially, the mayor in Waterville — their main job is to be a spokesperson and an ambassador for the city and I just think Karen is better suited to the job than Dana is.”

Councilor John O’Donnell, D-Ward 5, endorses Sennett.

“My feeling is, the other candidates are talking about a change of direction,” O’Donnell said. “I want to reiterate, we’re doing the right thing. We’re doing fine. The economy as a whole is terrible, but we are making our way through it and I think Dana is a good steward of our ship.”

Councilor Eliza Mathias, D-Ward 6, supports Heck for the job.

“I respect Dana and I like Dana and I like working with him, but I also believe that Karen has the vision and the leadership that the city really needs at this time,” Mathias said Thursday. “She has the ability to attract businesses, she has the ability to attract young people — and she really gets people excited about Waterville.”

Councilor Karen Rancourt-Thomas, D-Ward 7, said she endorses Sennett.

“My personal reason is I think that right now Waterville is on the cusp of something great and Dana’s been a part of it,” Rancourt-Thomas said. “He has been part of the positive changes that have happened. I think that to change captains in the middle of this would not be good. I think that that would be a hindrance and Dana’s doing a great job.”

Heck is senior program officer for the Bingham Program, Roy is owner of Andy’s DJ Service and Sennett is an advertising account executive for the Morning Sentinel.

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