Foreign-owned industrial wind companies are intruding here, damaging Maine’s sensitive wild places and hurting lives of those who depend upon a flourishing tourism. It’s a get-rich-quick scheme. Our tax dollars are up for grabs in the form of government subsidies.

Prominent people we know, have trusted and hear touting the supposed benefits of wind are deepening the already damaging ecological footprint. They stand to gain great wealth by convincing Maine’s citizenry that wind power is green, productive and will benefit Maine; this is a scam of huge proportion.

If industrial wind succeeds in fusing inefficient and short-lived turbines to our mountain tops, their owners and promoters can laugh all the way to their banks, while we live on here, unable to escape the proof of our failures, errors and neglectfulness, because ugly reminders will tower everywhere.

Industrial wind has been hidden from true scrutiny by marketing and lobbying.

It’s never been made to verify its claims.

Our energy security will not be enhanced. Wind projects are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Every multi-turbine wind facility in Maine sited around people now has significant, unresolved disputes over noise, strobing and related illnesses.

I’ve listed only a few negatives. Feel free to check these facts. Explanations and references for each, as well as others, can be found at:

Arlene Trudel

Highland Plantation

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