Often, a moral dilemma is debated in terms of the question “Do the ends justify the means?” Currently, Mainers are deliberating an issue that is exactly the opposite: “Do the means justify the ends?” While I am definitely a fan of jobs, and job creation is a worthy goal, it can’t be a matter of jobs at any cost.

Supporters of Questions 2 and 3 on Tuesday’s ballot want us to overlook the potential societal issues that building more gambling facilities will create, in favor of the short-term construction jobs and some “sweetener” in the form of a few education dollars.

Just ask yourself this question, if they were going to build a giant pot dispensary, would people be all gung-ho about it? Or how about this: “Let’s put these well-deserving construction workers to work so they can put food on their tables — vote yes for the construction of a new colossal brothel?” I don’t think so. There’s a reason that they need our votes to proceed, unlike if these were proposals to create jobs that would build a factory that actually made something useful. With all the addictions readily available to our residents, why do we want to add more to the mix? When has the construction of a casino actually provided a long-term positive influence on a community?

Before you cast your vote, please think about it a bit more deeply than the TV ads would have you do.

Martha Nielsen


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