SIDNEY — Sidney residents in Tuesday’s election decisively said yes to allowing Sunday liquor sales within town lines.

Voters approved the ballot measure 865-414.

A yes vote now enables the town’s lone liquor store, Annie’s Variety, to sell spirits on Sundays. The ballot measure was the result of a citizen’s petition circulated by store owner Annie Manley.

“The reason I’m going for it is, for one, the customers want it,” Manley has said. “The state allows it anyway. We just want to do it in the town. Keep the money in the town.”

Manley estimates her store serves about 400 customers per day for gasoline, prepared foods, groceries and liquor. The store opened in June 2009.

Liquor accounts for about 10 percent of the store’s daily sales, Manley said, and on Saturdays, liquor sales average an estimated $400 to $500.

Manley still needs to apply for an additional license for her store.

Sidney Town Clerk Shawna Foye has said that beer, wine and liquor sales are a relatively new development within the municipality.

Sidney was a dry town throughout much of its 219-year history. In 1966, however, town voters approved the sale of beer and wine, but liquor sales remained illegal.

Then, in 2006, Sidney residents voted to allow liquor sales Monday through Saturday and to prohibit sales on Sundays.


Question 1 — voter registration law repeal
Yes: 767
No: 533

Question 2 — allow racinos
Yes: 640
No: 658

Question 3 — allow Lewiston casino
Yes: 542
No: 756

Question 4 — Redistricting amendment
Yes: 672
No: 581

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