How many small nonprofits are in trouble in Maine?

The Maine State Lottery started in 1974 with a 50-cent “Play ME” ticket. It now has more than 50 instant tickets and more than 30 weekly draw tickets, sold in more than 1,300 businesses in Maine.

While the Maine State Lottery and for-profit gamings have grown, many nonprofits such as American Legion Post 10 are struggling to survive because their bingo/games of chance died or are dying. Baked-bean suppers are hard-pressed to raise the money needed to keep the nonprofit running at today’s costs to operate.

So when small nonprofits are gone, what will happen to Boys and Girls State, or programs such as Memorial Day, Patriots Day or Veterans Day?

When they are gone, who will help the local students with scholarships, or help to educate another generation as to why we have a day called Veterans Day or run flag education programs for local students?

When nonprofits like us are gone, who will help run the local blood drives, military funerals, placement of grave flags for deceased veterans or provide assistance to veterans and families in need?


Who will do the many other programs and functions local nonprofits are involved with year in or year out?

So the next time people see a sign saying that a local nonprofit is running an event, I urge them to support it. Because if they do not, who will do what Post 10 has done for the past 92 years?


Donald Simoneau, Fayette,

Adjutant, George Bunten Post 10, American Legion, Livermore Falls

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