No one likes hearing the truth. I, for one, get very defensive, as do most people; but I will admit to being wrong when I am confronted with reality.

Prejudice is to influence people to their way of thinking, and that is just what Barack Obama is trying to do to the American people, with the help of the mainstream news media.

So I urge people who have ever believed in this country to do some major soul searching. They should do their homework as far as finding out the truth. Find out from different sources, so they can make a responsible choice.

I did just that, and I was amazed at all the information on the Internet and found just how flawed and biased a lot of networks and Internet services are. People have to view them all; it’s like shopping around for the best buy.

I recommend people study the candidates carefully, as if they would before buying a product, because there are no refunds and no money back.

We only have one chance at life and many options, so we shouldn’t stick our heads in the sand, waiting for others to make bad selections.

I feel it’s going to be hard voting next year, because no one impresses me. The more I hear, the more frustrated I get. When I finally found out who was supporting the protesters, I was angry. Yet, I knew right then and there that it all comes down to money, money, money. And that’s why this administration wants to go green, green, green. I ask everyone to please vote for America.

Brenda Lachance


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