Today in America we have many problems that affect our daily lives. The other night, I was watching television and realized that one problem stood out far beyond other problems. Ghosts.

Yes, these lost souls and spirits who have managed to become lost while trying to get to the other side. The other side of what, you ask? Well, I’m not sure. Just to the other side is really all I know.

I love watching a good ghost story. Who doesn’t? Lately though, I have seen my fair share of paranormal activity on the television. These people evidently have taken up the quest to find ghosts that may be in a place that they really should be in, such as our attics or cellars. How they always manage to end up in these places is beyond me.

It would seem that Civil War casualties and folks who were in prisons seem to have the most trouble finding the way home, but I have seen where ordinary people get lost, too.

From what I can gather, they can be very mean and throw around things like books or open up a cupboard. Or they can be a good ghost who likes to play and talk with our children.

Some of them look kind of bad and most are old, for whatever reason.


One thing I can’t understand is why I cannot conjure up Anna Nicole Smith’s spirit. I have tried every prayer I know. Now please, don’t tell me she isn’t lost. If anyone were to get lost, it would be her.

All I’m asking for is a little proof, and I’m not talking about a 90-proof bottle of whiskey.

I am not trash-talking ghosts. I just want proof Anna is in her safe place. Is that so bad?

Mark Pantermoller


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