PITTSFIELD — Maine Central Institute announces the following students have been named to the first quarter honor roll:

Grade 13 — highest honors: Peter Fatland and Dylan Leazier

High honors: Joseph Boyle, Jared Brandon, Casey Perrin and Tristan Thomas.

Grade 12 — highest honors: Manchen Zhao.

High honors: Paula Arias, Acip Erdi Aslan, Kani Bertke, Joseph Bowman, Brittany Brann, Alena Bystrova, Kelsie Chisholm, Jiadong Willibe Chu, Vy Phuong V Dang, Ashley Dionne, Abigail Engelhardt, Tyler Engelhardt, Brentton Frederick, Michaela George, Xiaojian Guo, Charlotte Hovey, Gary Kersbergen, Gabrielle LaGross, Kendra Ludden, Hillary Maloon, Melissa McCaslin, Picabo Morrell, Cameron Neal, Linh Thi Khanh Nguyen, Adam Ogden, Megan Orchard, Antonietta Rizza, Andrew Schanck, Zhen Shuai, Allison Sinclair, Jerad Smith, Bowen Song Tian Tang, Matthew Thompson, Trey Vintinner, Shakera Wone, Taylor Wright and Yuqing Zhu.

Honors: Carrie Ann Corson and Zykeya McLeod.


Grade 11 — highest honors: Jordyn Cram, Anh Van Do, Jane Fox, Minh Duc Hoang Nghia, Laura Horowitz, Ka Wing Kym Man, Harley Maples, Cameron Michaud, Carolyn Newhouse, Anna Olsen, Brittany Seekins and Morgan Thies.

High honors: Victoria Anderson, Douglas Bryant, Kejia Adia Cai, Cassandra Cates, Amelia Connolly, Sarah Costello, Katie Cronkite, Courtney Crowell, Victoria Drake, Min Du, Courtney Fowler, Silvia Guzman Carbuccia, Joji Hanaoka, Julie Lasselle, Shantel Lausier, Matthew Lessard, Peixing Li, Dylan Maloon, Huy Quang Khan Nguyen, Tyler Noble, Peter Peterson, Ariana Rowe, Angel Sickles, Justin Sounik, Alex Weeman and Xuan Zheng.

Grade 10 — highest honors: Yi yi Fei.

High honors: Renato De Leon, Paul Dionne, Hannah Emery, Olivia Hamm, Shane Hathaway, Kelsey Hayes, Claire Kiser, Yvonne Leung, Haoran Li, Cody McCaslin, Dinh Quoc Nguyen, Cory Reynolds, Cody Robbins, Qiwen Zhang, Xinxiu Zhong and Lin Zhu.

Grade 9 — highest honors: Felicity Audet, Kayla Fletcher, Kate-Lynn George, Katie Hughes, Alexia LaMarre, Cassandra Miller and Joseph Quimby.

High honors: Ashley Alton, Kevin Belgard, Abigail Bergdoll, Eliana Bergdoll, Nicholas Deckert, Slade Emery, Ryan Engelhardt, Mitchell Hallee, Errol Kurtz, Rachel Lanzikos, Jessica Leibowitz, Gunnar Lovely and Jonathan Santiago.

Honors: Heidi Duncombe.

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