You go, Gov. Paul LePage! Finally, someone with the courage to stand up and do something about welfare fraud.

Why shouldn’t recipients be drug tested? What’s the big deal? Isn’t everyone on the up and up? Don’t they spend their benefits on food, heat and clothes?

That’s why so many people want to come to Maine, because it’s probably the easiest state to get benefits.

People on food stamps drive new cars, they go to grocery stores and buy lots of food so they can split it with someone in the parking lot for money. Or they sell their food stamp card for money.

What do you suppose they do with that money? Last year, there was a video on YouTube where people were partying, doing drugs and drinking, and saying, “Hey! This is what we do with the welfare money you give us.” Unbelievable!

To those who say drug testing is unconstitutional, I ask if they have served in the military? Service members know when they enlist that random drug tests are common.

Truck drivers are tested. What about security in airports? If they want to keep their job, they don’t do drugs. Aren’t there other places that also do random drug testing?

It should be the same with welfare because it is a means of support, just like holding a job. People who need assistance shouldn’t fight drug testing for welfare benefits. I figure if they’re fighting it, they’re using and don’t want to get caught.

This letter isn’t meant for people who use the program as it’s intended. I don’t group them in the same category as those who abuse the system.

Deborah Phair, Farmingdale

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