Our world has become far too dependent on fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc.). They pollute, they are finite and they are getting increasingly expensive.

The only rational course of action is to change our lifestyles to use less of these energy sources. And soon.

Having said that, I realize that the three major polluters are not equal in harmful effects.

Coal, being the dirtiest, must go first. Second is oil, with natural gas as the third worst.

Realistically, as we work toward using other, cleaner sources of energy (wind and solar), we must rely on the cleaner of the three, natural gas.

People in central Maine are clamoring to have natural gas delivered. Nothing will stop this.

Now we are left with only one question. Who will deliver this much sought after energy source?

Recently, Madison residents narrowly voted to choose a private corporation over Madison Electric Works to do this. Madison Electric has more than 100 years experience in the utility business, and has been very successful at it, I might add.

Kennebec Valley Gas Co. has zero experience in running a utility company. It is nothing but a group of money-making opportunists who know a lucrative deal when they see one.

I contend that Madison Electric can deliver the gas both cheaper and more efficiently. Furthermore, if a local public utility owns the gas line, local people will have at least some control over the distribution.

Also, Kennebec Valley Gas, being a private corporation is not required to answer to the Freedom of Information Act whereas MEW would be required to do so.

In view of the scare campaign used to sway the vote, I feel this issue must be revisited at the polls.

Peter P. Sirois


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