Just when we think our Gov. Paul LePage is adjusting to his job and watching what kind of language he uses, out of his mouth comes an atrocious comment about skunks.

He and his press secretary, Adrienne Bennett, need to clean up their approach to the people of the state of Maine. What kind of an example is he giving to our young children?

Rather than repeat to the press what comes out of LePage’s mouth, I think that Bennett needs to do one of two things: Carry a bar of soap (this is what my father used to do when my siblings and I would use such language) and wash out his mouth or better yet, carry a roll of duct tape so that he can’t speak such horrible language in the first place.

I am one of the 61 percent who did not vote for him and can hardly wait until the next three years go by so that we can vote him out of office as he is just an embarrassment to the people in our great state of Maine.

Someone in his administration needs to work on him so that he does not make such crass comments as any good that he is doing for the state is being cast aside because of it.

Lois Doran


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