Everyone knows we all face difficult times.

For many, fear and uncertainty dominate their daily routine. The economy is weak, and the political environment remains questionable.

Central Maine citizens, however, are making a statement defining who we are and what we care most about. We recognize, in spite of tough times, how rewarding it is to help others.

The early returns from the United Way of Mid-Maine campaign clearly show that the warm-hearted generosity of our community remains the foundation of our strength. The people of Central Maine should be very proud.

When Jane and I became co-chairmen of the United Way campaign, we didn’t know what to expect. We both pledged to take the job seriously and work feverishly to meet our goals.

More than ever, those in need look to the United Way for leadership, for direction, and the people are not letting them down. We were amazed by the United Way’s vast volunteer network, people and businesses who give their time and money to help others.


I played on some pretty impressive hockey teams in my day, but never have I been exposed to a team more committed to reaching a goal and having a positive impact on our community than the United Way.

One important lesson Jane and I learned is if people ever wanted to get involved then they should get involved. It is amazing how good we feel and see the impact we can make in someone else’s life. What a refreshing experience. We went in as skeptics and came out believers.

Together we can make a difference. Isn’t that the United Way?

Danny Bolduc


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