Though I am a member of the RSU 38 School Board and member of the restructuring scenarios subcommittee, I am writing as a citizen of Manchester.

As I am undecided myself, the purpose of my letter is not to promote the proposed changes to the structure of our schools but rather to defend the process used to formulate and select the plans.

I attended Monday night’s forum in order to hear arguments and examine evidence that would help me decide on the best way to handle the simultaneous problems of unequal class sizes in our district and the massive budget shortfalls heading our way.

No decision has yet been made. There are meritorious arguments to be made for and against re-alignment, but, contrary to popular belief, these plans were selected after a painstakingly long process. We looked at every idea presented in lengthy brain-storming sessions to which all staff were invited; no one was refused access. The meetings took place over several months and our work was constant, data based and completely transparent throughout.

I am grateful to all the citizens who came out to voice their concerns.

I understand that the subcommittees findings were not pleasing to many people, but everyone should be aware that the driving force in our deliberations was the best interest of all of the students and future students in RSU 38.

Charlie Hicks


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