I am really bothered by the actions of some people in Augusta.

My grandfather is a crossing guard at the intersection by St. Michael School on Western Avenue, and faithfully goes to work every day, regardless of the weather.

He loves his job, making sure the children cross the street safely, and takes it very seriously. On occasion, more often now that it is getting colder, he likes to get a coffee and doughnut in the morning.

Since Dunkin’ Donuts (the only coffee shop nearby) has only a drive-through (and he is not allowed to walk through it), he asks people in their cars if they can order for him. He tells them he will pay.

More often than not, he is either told no or people just look at him like he is a bother to them and drives off.

My grandfather is 73 years old and has lived and worked in this city his entire life. He doesn’t drive because he has never had to. He gets around by walking everywhere.

I’m writing this letter to suggest to people that if they see an elderly person who needs something, they should help him or her, regardless of what it is. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, and it is inevitable that we will walk in their shoes someday, in a situation needing help.

Aline Sousa


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