Last September, I was at the Windsor Fair, which I consider to be one of the best fairs in the state, when I came upon the Republican booth.

I joked that the governor should be impeached. Well, I’ll tell you what, that was a mistake. This guy and I got into a heated debate about it.

I said that Paul LePage got rid of so many directors or head of departments that it seems to me that something is not right. He responded by saying, “The only way the governor can run things smoothly is having people that think like the governor.”

I asked, “Isn’t that like a dictatorship? Just because the governor thinks one way, doesn’t mean that he is right. You have got to have other thoughts and ideas to make sure it is the right decision, I am sorry, but I think the governor is more of a dictator than a governor.”

To top it off, the Republican booth was right across from the race track. As they do at the fair every day, they played the national anthem. I was shocked at seeing so many young people not stopping and saluting the flag or facing where the music was coming from. It really made me feel very sad in so many ways.

Then I glanced back at the Republican booth, and saw that not one of them was saluting the flag, but sat there and chatted with each other. They were in full view of the flag and could hear the music.

That said it all for me. I love my country; it is up to all of us to make things right.

Alan Crocker


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