It is time once again for the residents north of Augusta to thank our sharp neighbors to the south. Esteemed state Sen. Cynthia Dill, D-Cape Elizabeth, has pointed out what a “no brainer” it is to have a national park on the free land that Roxanne Quimby would like us to have.

This would imply that everyone including numerous local, state and federal employees that have disagreed with the idea are just plain dull.

It seems she shares the thought with Quimby that the people of this area are lazy and not very bright.

Anytime someone from the highest per capita income town in the state jumps on the bandwagon to help us poor downtrodden souls that she doesn’t even represent, I do start to wonder.

Is there any enticement or connection between Quimby and Dill?

There often is money, land or some benefit to help one to see the light, such as letting snowmobilers use the land if they agrees to support the park.


I am happy for the residents of Cape Elizabeth that their affairs are in order so Dill can now help us with our problems.


Jay McDougal


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