The Republicans’ mascot is the elephant, an animal that mainly eats, drinks, swims and rolls in the dust. They are favorites at zoos.

The donkey or mule, the mascot of the Democrats, is a stubborn animal but if you get its attention it will do a good day’s work for you. This seems to be what is happening in our government.

This country is in dire need of a third party of patriots. People who would work for the country that’s been so good to them, and work for no pay just expenses. I feel people of this caliber are what this country needs.

If I were younger, I’m 74, I would volunteer to join or even lead this party.

In these worst of times, large companies are making billions yet pay little or no taxes. Some are even getting money from the Republican Party as subsidies to add to their profits, yet they do no hiring. This is also the point of the GOP.

I have been an independent voter since I turned 21. I have voted at times for both parties, but no more.

There is no “best candidate” any more.

Richard Tozier


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