Bill Nemitz wrote a hit piece about State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin in the Dec. 4 newspaper: “Poliquin’s Private Club makes Waves at Popham.”

His mud-throwing, innuendoes and character assassinations were well done, definitely some of Nemitz’s best since his articles about Paul LePage.

How lucky he was to have the same day a front-page article about executive director of Maine Housing Dale McCormick’s outrageous spending being criticized by the same Poliquin.

The two writers should have gotten together to coordinate their articles. Wait, maybe they did check with each other. Naw, that would not be ethical.

The article, however, was more clever with innuendoes than Nemitz, and it ended with two paragraphs describing a 21-year-old death threat made against McCormick for being a gay activist. I am sure there must be some connection between Poliquin’s concern about McCormick’s liberal spending pattern and the old death threat, but I have yet to figure it out.

Larry Davis


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