I was stunned to hear that veterinarian Dr. Alan Slack had passed away. it seemed only yesterday he was helping our Bunny cat’s injured tail with his gentle, always kind way.

Jesus must have been searching for a veterinarian to help care for all the animals in heaven. I believe he has filled the position with the absolute best in the business.

I was only 12 years old when I first had the pleasure meeting Dr. Slack in 1982. I had gotten my first golden retriever, and he impressed me way back then as he worked at fixing my Biffy’s scraped up paws. Thirty years later, I still own a golden, but I am going to be lost without our beloved vet.

I am sure there are many, many pets and their owners who feel as I do — sort of numb — the feeling that a dear friend has passed. Even though he was seen by most people in his office on Pleasant Street, he was the kind of person you just don’t simply forget about. I can clearly remember his soft spoken voice, his careful hands, and often thoughtful look upon his face. He knew what he was doing.

It’s going to be so difficult to step into another vet’s office; it will never be the same. I hope his family knows just how much he will be missed by not only me, but so, so many people and all his furry patients.

Dr. Slack was a great man, and I know that Jesus has received with open arms the very best caretaker for our pets who have passed before us.

Cindy Benner


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