Corporations and their lackeys tell us not to elect representatives and senators who spend money. They say that spending is bad.

So in order to please these big money donors, thereby getting elected, our politicians start laying off workers. By cutting back on the help, there is an immediate mirage of savings. It now looks like our fiscal problems have been solved. Hello!

Government workers pay taxes only while they are working. If they’re out of work too long, they lose their homes and then they aren’t even paying property and sales taxes. Eventually, they are no longer taxpayers but, rather, tax users.

All the while, and especially at Christmas-time, corporations and their lackeys urge us to spend what little money we have left and shop till we drop.

If it will put more money into their bloated coffers it’s OK to throw fiscal responsibility under the bus. Of course, the good little sheep go into a shopping frenzy, even to the point of trampling on each other to secure the best deals.

Shoppers walk away bruised, broke and bamboozled. Then they go home and worry for the next three months how they’re going to heat their homes, feed their kids and pay their mortgage.

The corporations and their lackeys laugh all the way to Bank of America, until they find more suckers the next year.

Peter P. Sirois, Madison

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