Leave the elderly alone.

They have long paid their dues by working hard all of their lives, and now Gov. Paul LePage (who didn’t even attend the first day of hearings) is trying to cut the low-income elderly of low-cost drugs and needed services. It should be their turn to get a little help.

Cutting other programs for the disabled. Has LePage already forgotten the horrific incident with the Blessed Sacrament nuns that happened after tax and programs cuts? Do we need another incident to wake him up?

He made it big and has lots of rich friends and plenty of money. When today’s elderly people started to work, and the baby boomers started to work, the pay was very low, so even though we worked hard all of our lives our Social Security checks are not high enough to meet today’s prices.

So what are we going to do? Wait till all of the low-income lose their homes and live under bridges or starve to death or freeze to death because they have no food or no heat and are in hospitals because they have no meds.

We need to find cuts in other places and not penalize the low income elderly and other needy disabled and our veterans.

Make the ones that abuse the system go to work and start paying for themselves instead of using the system and staying home on the system. Why doesn’t the governor start a program for that and also keep the out-of-staters from coming in and getting benefits.

Nick Logan


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