I voted for Paul LePage because he campaigned to take care of Mainers.

I shouldn’t be surprised that he wouldn’t keep his end of the bargain.

I had bragged about how fair LePage was going to be with all the immigrants coming into Maine and obtaining free health care, food stamps, housing, money, etc. But who does he decide to penalize: Retirees, people on Medicare, Social Security. Then he wonders why people get angry.

I had a great-paying job working at Thayer, but I retired early to take care of my disabled husband. Now LePage is telling me I have to go out and find another low-paying job because I’m not going to be able to apply for Medicare without paying an arm and a leg for health care.

LePage and the Legislature should look to their own houses first and start by cutting legislators and high-paying administrators. They could cut some programs that are runoffs from other programs.

I think we ought to start drug-testing politicians, because I cannot image how they can sleep at night when they cheat hard-working people.

Can anyone believe the bull about fair share that President Barack Obama’s always advocating for? The rich don’t want to share, and I don’t believe anyone should if they’ve earned their money. But the government should stop stealing from the middle class and lower income people.

LePage should do the right thing.

Brenda Lachance


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