Merry Christmas to all. Is this the last time I will be able to say that without getting arrested?

I just read M.D. Harmon’s commentary regarding religious freedom. What is happening to America, the land of the free? If the anti-Christian people can take away our right to express our faith, then they should not be able to condemn the faith community without penalty.

Pass a law against religion, pay a fine or go to jail. Why is it that the faith-based community is losing ground?

I think it’s because we cannot come together as believers. I have often said that if I had not already made my commitments, I would belong to nothing and just enjoy knowing God as the creator. The faith community is rife with those who say, “My way is better than your way,” and we are so caught up in disputing the finer points of the Bible that we can not become united and carry a strong enough voice to defend the faith.

I see the infighting and fingerpointing that goes on and were I on the outside looking in I’d be disheartened by the Christian community. We preach love and understanding and then within our own walls don’t honor that. If Christ’s followers could truly come together and live his teachings, it would be a much different world than we have today.

Then again, we must remember that since Adam and Eve at the apple people have been and will be corrupt and immoral. We should never cease to try for and pray for world peace, but read the truth about peace on earth, and you will see there will be no real peace on earth until the end.

Ed Wheaton


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