Brenda Lachance (letter, “LePage not taking care of Mainers as he promised,” Dec. 18) voted for Gov. Paul LePage because he promised to take care of Mainers, but she is surprised that he hasn’t. Lachance retired early to take care of her disabled husband and cites retiree Medicare increases as examples of LePage not keeping promises.

Lachance spoke against the government stealing from the middle class and President Barack Obama advocating all pay their fair share but supported the rich not being required to pay reasonable taxes.

Objecting to the LePage and Obama administration policies while not requiring the rich to pay reasonable taxes are contradictory positions. LePage is a microcosm of the GOP, stealing from the middle class while giving tax breaks to the rich.

LePage increased retirees’ Medicare payments, and the GOP seeks to privatize Medicare and abolish the Affordable Health Care Act, measures that will reduce benefits and increase costs. Obama passed the Affordable Health Care Act that will increase benefits and reduce costs.

LePage and the GOP reduced corporate taxes and wants to gut environmental laws, protect corporations and tax the middle class for pollution clean-up. Obama has worked to strengthen our environmental laws and ensure corporations pay reasonable taxes.

When I ask people with LePage bumper stickers if they would vote for him again, most say no. I believe that after a year in office most people who voted for LePage no longer support him.

People who voted for LePage but no longer support him should look at what he is doing in Maine and realize the GOP is doing the same thing on a national scale.

I urge those folks to vote for Obama and Maine Democrats in 2012 and vote LePage out of office in 2014.

Tom Waddell


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