Winslow Councilor Cathy Nadeau’s comments in the Dec. 9 edition of the Morning Sentinel really made me stop and think.

I asked myself, why does this woman want to crush the constitutional rights of the people of Winslow? Has she even read the Constitution? At a time when the U.S. Senate is trying to pass S.1867, a law that would allow the military to lock up American citizens on American soil without charge or trial, Nadeau wants to control another piece of our lives.

I put on a fairly large fireworks display every Fourth of July, and I know fireworks can be dangerous when used irresponsibly. People, however, get hurt doing all types of activities, such as using cell phones, four wheeling, skiing, table saws, the list is endless.

I have never had an injury with fireworks, but I have often hurt myself putting up my Christmas lights. Shall we ban Christmas lights next?

I have no doubt that Nadeau will spread fear and get enough people to a town meeting to ban fireworks in Winslow, but I ask every elected official to consider something.

The country is desperately seeking leadership at all levels, and being a good leader often means going against the majority, doing what is right instead of worrying about re-election.

The majority should never have the right to take away individuals’ rights.

Nadeau says she is worried about the location of the proposed fireworks store. Why?

I do want to thank Nadeau for one thing, though. Her statements motivated me to re-read the Constitution and reflect upon what being an American means to me. She also reminded me that we must all fight to protect our precious freedoms, won with blood and sacrifice, that make me proud to call myself an American.

Morgan Bragdon


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