I think the idea of contracting out MSAD 59 custodial and bus driver positions makes about as much sense as eating a picture of a hamburger.

It looks good but it just doesn’t get the job done!

The average person has no idea of the level of training these people have. You can’t just send someone in, hand them a mop, and tell them to go to it.

MSAD 59 custodians and bus drivers have a commitment to the students, the staff, and the towns of Madison and Athens.

They have specific training in chemicals and safety issues. They know all about infection control. They are aware of students who need special attention. They have learned these things over the years. I repeat years!

And what about confidentiality and security? Are you going to trust someone making $8 per hour with the keys to all the offices and buildings? What if one of them can’t work and sends a friend in their stead, thinking no one will know because they’re all new anyhow.

Do you want someone’s friend driving your child home, or staying late to clean up the locker room? All MSAD 59 needs is one lawsuit claiming abuse, and it can kiss all the money it saved good-bye.

Madison’s custodians and bus drivers deserve our respect and thanks. Their jobs require stamina, quick thinking and tons of patience. Please don’t let this terrible idea bring Madison and Athens down a notch.

If money is really an issue, put the entire budget up for review. Don’t pick a victim who you think can’t fight back.

Susan Zimmerman

Sylva, N.C.

Speech pathologist, MSAD 59


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