I am writing in regards to the stupidity and uncaring acts the Congress and Senate have shown this last year.

On the heels of the latest blunder, it has occurred to me that they cannot do their job and need to replaced with people who can: All of them.

They sit back knowing that when they go home they don’t have to worry about health care or even when their next pay check will come in. It seems the job to have is working for the government, the very people who are supposed to help balance the budget or try to fix the health care mess that is going on.

I know this is an election year, and every politician is working to gather votes to gain their respective seat in Congress, Senate and even the presidency.

We can help other countries establish their governments, even promise them money to help rebuild and provide food for them.

Let’s look at reality. We can’t balance our own budget, can’t care for our sick, can’t even help our needy families with food.

There is just something so wrong with the greatest government in the world when we can’t even get along long enough to get the job done.

Representatives and senators should return the money they supposedly earned this year for doing nothing but whining about who is right and who is wrong. Maybe we could use some of your salaries to balance our budget.

Being a public official should be like jury duty — $5 per day. ‘Cause honestly I think that is all those in Congress are worth right now — $5 per day.

John Boucher, Sidney

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