On Dec. 19, the newspaper published an article titled, “Governor to propose new energy bills.” Two quotes from Gov. Paul LePage stand out. The first indicated that he thinks the configuration of the energy committee in the Legislature should be changed because the committee failed to move his proposed legislation forward during the last session.

Then, LePage explained his frustration with the pace of the Legislature by noting that, “business operates like a rabbit, very quick. In government, we operate as snails.”

LePage fails to understand that the reason we have three branches of government, not just a chief executive, is that we are fortunate enough to live in a democracy. Maine is not a totalitarian society.

I am sure that such a system would make it easier for any governor to fulfill his wishes for the citizens, but perhaps expedience would not result in the same free state and country that we currently enjoy.

Democracy is designed to move slowly and by the rules that everyone agrees to. Notwithstanding what could be LePage’s good motives, perhaps he might give some thought to the concepts behind democracy to reduce his frustration.

It is not who wins or loses, it is how the game is played that really matters in a democracy.

Anne P. Schaad


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