As we all know, the governor proudly wears his struggles as a youngster, his quest for an education and his triumph over poverty as a badge of honor.

In his lifetime, Paul LePage has had shelter, food stamps and welfare, safe harbor from the street and many acts of kindness bestowed upon him, including changing rules so he could use his native language to take a college entrance exam.

Would he deny he was hungry, indigent, without much hope, but alas strangers lifted him on a better path? So then, why is it so hard for him to understand that others might need what he got?

LePage was fortunate.

He is not the only person who emerged from poverty because state government helped, but, selfishly, he may be among the last. All because he cannot lead.

He throws rocks, separates himself from the indigent, limits access to those in need and seems comfortable in keeping others down and out.

Mainers may die because of LePage’s inability to find reasonable solutions to this budget situation.

The governor has an obligation to safeguard the lives of those who can not help themselves.

Stop taking it out on the people who need his leadership the most.

He should be an activist for Mainers.

We the people cannot allow Mainers to go without food, shelter, heating fuel and medical attention.

LePage must find a solution that does not harm Mainers.

Penny Plourde


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