Seldom do we hear such pathetic excuses as from Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Her husband’s company is charged with fraud, so she would not vote to appoint a head for the agency that would regulate that company. Why? Because it is a conflict of interest to vote on anything involving her husband’s company.

So in effect she voted no — no regulation for her family. There is a conflict of interest, all right, and we all know where it lies. Snowe should go.

What about Sen. Susan Collins? She has put 50-ton trucks back on our interstate, making them far less safe for those of us who drive only cars, and wearing out the highways much faster so we can pay more tax dollars to repair them. Collins should go.

Let’s not forget our Democrats. We have Mike Michaud, who smiles for all his pictures but doesn’t seem to do much else. And Chellie Pingree sends out almost as many emails as Collins, but what else has she done?

We were taken for fools by the big banks, with the connivance of Congress. Saved by our tax dollars, the banks continue handing out multi-million-dollar bonuses to themselves without a moment’s pause.

Attempts in Congress to shrink the banks went nowhere, so they can rob us again in a few more years.

Meanwhile Occupy groups all over the country are being shut down, much like protests in Moscow. Aren’t we in good company, right along with the Russian peasantry?

Why are not Snowe, Collins, Michaud and Pingree screaming bloody murder over all this? Why don’t they speak up?

They all should go.

We would be better served by pulling random people off the street and sending them to represent us in Washington.

Larry Manes


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