Today it is in vogue to attack organized religions, particularly Christianity and the Catholic Church. Considering the ongoing sex scandals, it is justified to not only criticize but bring to justice the perpetrators and those who covered up their crimes.

It should be noted, however that the Catholic and all Christian churches are composed of flawed human beings and bear only a little resemblance to the church left behind by Christ. It is said that in all of creation there is always a touch of the enemy.

I often have heard: “I don’t need a church to be with my God, I see him in Nature every day.” Or “Didn’t Jesus himself say ‘where two or more are gathered in my name there am I also’? Who needs a formal religion or a building for that?”

These people are, of course, correct. They are talking about experiencing the spirit of God, and that is a good thing but not the only thing.

Catholics also believe that Christ empowered his apostles and his priesthood with a miraculous ability: to transform ordinary bread and wine into his body and blood. Every time this miracle is performed, we are not only in the presence of the spirit of God, but we are with him physically.

While we don’t completely understand this mystery, we accept its truth with complete faith and fidelity, thereby enjoying a more personal relationship with our savior.

Those who want to see the light, amongst all the lights and glitter, and hear the word should go to church. See, hear and believe!

I believe all it takes is faith for people to be saved.

“Keep the faith,” yes, but share it, too.

Greg Theriault


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