The end of the year has come; time to mourn what was lost and celebrate what remains.

This has been a difficult year for many whose faith and beliefs promised insulation from troubles and hardships, longevity for loved ones and safe passage through the transitional points of life.

Our national identity is evolving, and for many this is too painful, as if the past automatically determines the future. Our belief and trust in a providentially good Presence in the world, however, says something more significant than our fears and uncertainty: We are not alone as we live, as we progress forward.

The faith traditions and cultures around the world vary in their beliefs and practices; their national heritage influences and affects their lifestyles.

Eastern Spirituality would focus on the inner journey; contemplation and intentionality being the root and branch for the tree of their beliefs.

Western Spirituality would focus on the practicality; what works and ushers in the journey toward a brighter future for everyone, along with the progress of industry and technology.

They all share the hope, the trust and assurance that the journey through life is neither solitary nor purposeless. The journey through life is worth the effort because of our faith in God and humanity.

As we exit the old year and welcome the new, let each look to their core spirituality; does it comfort or condemn? Life is still sweet, a gift to be enjoyed, not endured.

The changes in our society and around the world are painful, but necessary. Our faith and beliefs will be sufficient to face these challenges. We will be aptly equipped to survive, to adapt and overcome with one another. This is the promise of tomorrow — endless possibilities and potential because of our faith. Enter 2012 with confidence. Pax.


James Weathersby, Augusta

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