Maine must be congratulated for being the most compassionate state in the union. When it initiated it’s MaineCare system, it was the envy of others for taking care of its needy, young and old and anyone in financial need.

That was then, but when the rolls doubled in 10 short years, a red flag should have gone up. What caused this 100 percent increase? First, let’s not fault the staff at the Department of Health and Human Services; they just did their job as required.

Somehow the word got out that Maine had a benevolent welfare system, and people from others states saw a good opportunity.

With the above in mind I would advocate that our governor and his staff first review how many people who moved to Maine in the last 20 years and at once applied for MaineCare. This could explain the overrun costs.

It saddens me to read in our local papers just how our governor is to cut benefits. Must he go after the elderly, the ill, incapacitated and poor?

Why not look at how those people who moved here 20 years ago are now living. Are they still destitute? Do they still need MaineCare? Remember some people fabricate their income and status just to take advantage of a state that led the nation in taking care of its own. Not everybody else’s.

I fear that many deserving, honest hard-working people of Maine may get pushed aside while many not deserving may benefit.

Not the elderly not the ill and financially broke but those who take advantage of a brilliant idea that started in Maine and unfortunately got abused by outsiders.

Frank D. Slason


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