What happened to the governor’s common sense? Paul LePage is embarrassing even his staunchest supporters.

I wanted a governor who would do something about our welfare system. Tax dollars are used for welfare when they should be used to provide support while a person who is capable of working gains the tools they need to get a job. Give a hand up, not a hand-out.

The elderly and persons with special needs are not undermining welfare’s intent. It’s the girls/women who get pregnant (birth control?) expecting the state to support them and their children. The fathers of these children (unbeknownst to the state) often live with them, playing video games all day on our dime.

One “accidental” pregnancy can happen, but if more children are born once the mothers are on state aid, that’s what needs changing.

If Maine dollars temporarily assisted a mother and child, I’m fine with that. But when this woman has another child while taking tax dollars (MaineCare, TANF, Housing, etc.), I don’t think we should have to give them another blasted cent, nor should we have to pay to house them or provide healthcare to them.

For each child they have, they get more money and/or assistance. Why? How can we justify a woman who works 40-plus hours a week and barely makes enough money to get by on, be ineligible for help, while welfare lifers get whatever they need?


Ownership of behavior and its consequences, now that’s a new theory. I bet a lot of them wouldn’t get pregnant the second and third time if they had to foot the bill.

How about it? Take from the lazy, not the working poor.

Melody Weeks


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