In a time when Maine has more people receiving state benefits or welfare or some other liberal social program than it has taxpayers, the Democrats and media scream at Gov. Paul LePage.

News flash!

We all have loved ones who need help and receive help but with a shortfall of more than $200 million in the next two years, cutting isn’t an option, it is a must!

Maine has turned into a handout state, and anyone with their eyes open knows the system is abused by far too many.

Every town sees many people getting handouts that need to be cut off. The taxpayers can’t fund every need of everyone.

I asked my parents how much LIHEAP funding their family received in northern Maine in the winter. They laughed.

Democrats and the media are either blind or just want to continue ignoring the fact many people in Maine hurt those who truly need the help.

LePage, like the rest of us evil Republicans, do not want to cut aid to anyone who truly needs it.

Maybe the Democrats should have thought of that before they started handing out checks to anyone who asked for one.

Dirk Emery


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