As a husband and father, I know how difficult it can be to make tough budget decisions, but Gov. Paul LePage’s proposals to cut MaineCare are the wrong way to go.

My wife and I receive MaineCare in the parent category. Although, my employer offers health insurance, it would cost us more than $600 per month to cover just me and my wife. We can’t afford that expense at this time.

Once we make payments for our mortgage, car and student loan, and pay for heat and utilities, not to mention food, and all the other expenses young families face, there is nothing left over. There is no way we could add an additional $600 a month cost to our family budget and make ends meet.

My wife and I do our best to raise a healthy family and do the best by our children. It worries us a great deal to think that, without MaineCare, we’d have to take our chances on staying healthy and hope that we didn’t face an accident or illness that could wipe us out financially for years to come. My wife and I both know the stress of being without coverage, and know the toll that kind of constant worry takes.

Strong families make for a strong state and a strong economy.

I hope the Legislature will reject the proposal to end MaineCare coverage to working parents. Maine families are depending on them to make the right decision.

Jon Martin


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