I was going to stop sending letters to the editor, but I got angry after I listened to Brian Williams on NBC reporting on Congress and the Republican candidates and failing to report both sides.

He told people how unfair it is that Congress can’t pass the tax breaks and the damage it’s going to cause the American taxpayer. Twenty bucks a week, we’re talking about. And I’d like to know if that $20 is tax-free.

And then there’s unemployment. How long is a person supposed to stay on unemployment nowadays, because the limit used to be 26 weeks.

They never mentioned where the government was getting this money from. Probably Social Security.

And they also plan to raise the mortgage rate interest permanently. So who benefs?

And then we have the Republicans fighting amongst themselves, and let’s not forget about the president going Christmas shopping for his two girls and the dog before he heads out on his vacation. And how much is their Christmas vacation going to cost the taxpayers? $4 million.

I agree that times are hard for some people, but shouldn’t we be told the whole story and not just the part we agree with? Where are all the honest politicians and news reporters?

I have got to find another pastime; listening to the news is making me as crazy as the government representatives.

Brenda Lachance


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